How to Properly Pour a Beer

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All too often people are pouring their beers incorrectly. It seems people misunderstand why bartenders pour beer into glasses and purposefully leave a head of foam at the top of the glass. 

If you are carefully and slowly pouring a beer into a glass to avoid getting any head you are doing it wrong and here's why.

A Foamy Beer Makes you Feel Better

When you leave a head of foam on the beer you are releasing some of the CO2 in the beer. Releasing some of the CO2 as foam isn't going to give you a flat beer. In fact, you will enjoy it more!

If you don't see foam growing at the top of your beer then that foam is going to grow in your stomach. Ever drink a beer too quickly and get that bloated uncomfortable feeling? Well, there's why. 

Bartenders do not like it when customers make comments and complain about being denied that inch of space of beer. In reality, the bartender is taking care of his or her customers by leaving a 1 - 1.5 inch of foam on every beer they serve. 

Beer in a glass should always have a head when poured. Whether that be from a bottle or from a tap. 

From beginning to end, this is the proper way to pour a beer:

  1. Hold your glass at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Pour towards the middle of the glass. Not the bottom or near the edge.
  3. Straighten the glass after the beer has reached the middle of the glass.

It's not hard, but it's important. There you have it. How to properly pour a beer.

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