Are Countertop Gaming Systems for Bars Worth It?

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Sometimes I like to go to a bar and drink alone. I'm there to decompress from my day, not have a conversation with someone who has already been in that building for too long who has nothing of value to say. 

It can be hard to find a way to drink alone in a social setting without coming off as rude or ignoring. Countertop bar games offer a great solution. I can play a game and have my eyes and brain seemingly "busy at the moment" to deter being approached, but the games are so non-stimulating that it also gives my brain a chance to calm down. 

It's a good idea to offer some sort of gaming device for your bar customers. Everyone has a different reason for going out to drink. If you have a percentage of people who come into your bar alone, chances are they would possibly like to have one of these games. 

3 Biggest Brands for Gaming Systems for Bars


Buzztime is a big one. They offer the kind of games that connect through a TV and the customer uses small personal keypads to play games socially with other people in the bar.

This makes a great solution for many of you that argue bar countertop games are a waste of space and the bar stool is more valuable without them. Players can play from anywhere in the bar and the consoles are much smaller (mobile). 

The two most popular games are poker and trivia. Some bars try to have "trivia nights" and they often turn into a bust. People think they will be successful because tons of people like trivia. 

So offer trivia daily by using Buzztime's gaming systems. Price wise, this is an investment. To get a quote on what it would cost you to set up your bar with Buzztime games, click here


MegaTouch games are nice for those few that just want to get their mind off of their day without having to converse with anyone. They have a variety of games including cards, action, trivia and the popular find-in-picture games. High scores can be automatically or manually reset. 

These are a little less popular than Buzztime, but that does not mean they don't have a place in your bar. It all depends on the clientele of the bar. These games allow people to sit alone in a socially acceptable manner and if that is the goal of your customers, these are actually a better option for them. The bulkier size makes that area even more secluded.

You can find decently priced ones on Ebay.

Yes, Countertop Games Are Worth It.

You have all kinds of customers. Reach out to those looking to relax alone. The happier they are, the more they will spend. Do you use these games? What is the atmosphere around them at your bar?

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