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Hours on Your Feet

Bartending is not an easy job. It's not only mentally demanding but physically as well. Bending, twisting, lifting, reaching and carrying heavy objects are constants on every shift. If a bartender in a busy bar wears a pedometer some will clock five miles per night or more. All of this requires being on your feet. Eight to ten hours per night, several nights per week. This all takes a pretty serious toll. Years of this can result in heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis to name just a few.

Good foot care will help save you from pain and expenses down the road. First of all, good shoes are a must. I'm not talking about a pair of $40 Nike's from a department store. Invest in your feet.

How to Find a Quality Shoe Store

A good specialty running store will have you walk on a treadmill to watch your gait. Some people walk with more weight on the outside of the foot (under pronating) some people on the inside of the foot (overpronation) and many straight down the middle (neutral) but there are specific shoes for each. These are perfectly padded high impact shoes built for marathons. They have the proper arch support and the salesman will show you lacing techniques that will place your feet in the right position. Brooks is my personal favorite brand but Saucony, New Balance and Pearl Izumi are all excellent choices as well. It just depends what is comfortable for you. 

Don't judge a shoe by its looks. It never seems to fail that the one that looks the coolest is the least comfortable. I'm fortunate enough not to have dress requirements but I realize that many of you do. Hoka makes a solid black shoe as do many of the other manufacturers. And if they have to order one in for you they'll gladly do it. 

Everyone Needs a Day Off

Get pedicures. Yes, even guys can get pedicures. Go to a masseuse and have your feet rubbed. Soak them in Epsom salts and warm water often. Buy good insoles. Get new shoes two or three times a year. You get many pairs of shoes in life but only one pair of feet. Take care of them!

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